Portuguese Academic Orchestra

OAP is an amateur and academic orchestra of superior level. The orchestra is conducted by Diogo Ribeiro and Frederico Costa. It intends to increase opportunities for those who play an instrument, allowing musicians to enjoy and learn through the experience of playing with another in an academic environment.


Music Classes

Our music classes focus on the continuous learning of a chosen instrument. Our main goal is to teach in a complete manner and to follow a gradual approach, suited to each musician’s needs and level of expertise.

OAP and CAP can also help you to develop your artistic and technical capacities in an orchestra. We want to give you the opportunity to put into practice what you are learning each day.

Auditions OAP

Join the Portuguese Academic Orquestra, develop your musical capacities in an amateur environment of superior level.

In addition, we have places for musicians wanting to follow the conducting route. Those selected will be able to develop their learning with the OAP and CAP’s maestros.

We also offer language courses for OAP’s musicians and collaborators upon the following requirements:

– Professional musicians have free access to the language courses running at the time at LAC.

– Amateur musicians enjoy a 50% cost reduction on all of LAC’s courses.

Request an audition and become part of OAP.


12 Tones

Twelve instruments, twelve months, twelve colours.

Across Lisbon, let’s discover the sound of the strings, the keys and with each blow find out what is unique about an instrument.

A music cycle presented by OAP (Portuguese Academic Orchestra) and spread by musicians a little bit from everywhere. Always in the end of the day and on the first thursday of each month, an instrument presents itself to curious ears, joining classical and contemporary musical pieces played in pair and adapted to each instrument.

Venue: Largo ao Tacho – Principe Real (Largo Agostinho da Silva 1A, 1200-192 Lisboa)

How to get here: Google Maps

Reservations: 919 433 991
WhatsApp here

Comming next:
May – Viola
June – Bassoon
July – Accordion
August – Flute
September – Guitar
October – Clarinet
November – Trumpet
December – Cello