Corporate Services

We have a wide range of services for companies and organizations. LAC offers corporate language training, language certification, language badges and translation services.


Corporate language classes

Our corporate classes aim to increase business’s training offer whilst promoting multiculturalism at the workplace.

Our training is conscious of the challenges faced by businesses in a globalised market. Hence, the practical application of the language being taught is continuously fostered, dedicating what we teach to corporate needs.

We have more than 12 languages on offer and different levels to choose from. LAC’s corporate classes cultivate teamwork and eagerness to discover new cultures.

Language Certificates / Language Level Exams

Language level certificates are accredited according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and held by qualified teachers.

Certificates are internationally recognized and can be used by companies and organizations whenever it is necessary.

Language Badge

LAC has created a language badge that can be used to let others know the languages that are spoken in you company or organization..

The badge indicates the language that each employee speaks and to what level, creating a welcoming atmosphere and a thriving environment for cultural exchange.


We work together with qualified translators with a vast knowledge of various types of technical and literary terminology.

We follow a quick and precise approach whilst adapting to the specificities of each text, offering good reading quality.

Whatever your needs may be in regards to translation, we have different language pairs from which you can choose from.

Music for Companies and Business

Break the routine, stop and listen. We take music to your company and adapt the repertoire to each occasion.

Music for companies is available for a variety of corporate and fundraising events. The concerts are planned together with the artistic director and contribute towards an harmonious environment.


If you are interested in any of our corporate services and need detailed information, please leave us your contact!