Music Classes in Lisbon

Our music classes focus on the continuous learning of a chosen instrument. Our main goal is to teach in a complete manner and to follow a gradual approach, suited to each musician’s needs and level of expertise.

OAP and CAP can also help you develop your artistic and technical capacities in an orchestra. We want to give you the opportunity to put into practice what you are learning each day.

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*Skill testing is a 30 minute experimental class with the choir or music teacher. The class aims at defining the best method for you to learn and it has an associated cost of 10€ – reduced from the enrollment fee in case you decide to study at LAC.

1)Preparation for higher education music auditions 2) Flexible Course

Monthly fee: 80€
Number of one-on-one: 4 classes of 45 minutes
Number of classes per week: 1
Age range: + 6
Group or pair classes: from 45€

3) Musical initiation (+6), 4) Children aged 6 months to 5

Monthly fee: 65€
Number of one-on-one classes: 4 classes of 30 minutes
Number of classes per week: 1
Group or pair classes: from 37€

5) Packages of classes

One-on-one classes of 45 minutes
4 classes – 90 €
6 classes- 130€
8 classes – 180 €
10 classes – 220 €

Payment methods

In person at our headquarters in ISCTE-IUL Avenida das Forças Armadas. Edifício Sedas Nunes. Metro Restauradores, North access SL1.

Bank Trasfer:
IBAN: PT50003503680000747203066
MB WAY: 910071139

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