Language Certification

Language level certificates are accredited according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and internationally recognized by employers and other services.

The certification exams are held by qualified teachers and assess oral, written and listening comprehension. No matter what your language level is, you can put it to test!


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Portuguese, English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Arab, Russian, Swedish, Polish and Mandarin.


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Specific Level Certification

Need to prove your language proficiency on a specific level for professional or academic purposes?

Choose our targeted level certification test and get recognized for your expertise. Whether you’re aiming for a B1 or B2 level, our reliable and CEFR-certified assessments will give you the confidence to take your language skills to the next level. Don’t let the opportunity to showcase your linguistic abilities pass you by. Take a specific level certification test now and prove your proficiency today.

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includes all the school fees

General Certification​

Are you looking to assess your language proficiency and earn certification for your current level?

Take our expert language assessment test and unlock your full linguistic potential. Our comprehensive general level test will provide an evaluation of your current skills and help identify areas for improvement. Start your language journey today and take the first step towards confident, certified proficiency.

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