Portuguese Academic Choir

CAP is an amateur and academic choir of superior level intended to offer to professional and non-professional singers the opportunity to gain experience in a choir. CAP aims to help singers develop their artistic and technical abilities and is led by Frederico Costa.


Singing Lessons

Our singing lessons offer an exploratory space, adapted to each student’s vocal range. The classes follow a specialized pedagogy, attentive to your needs as a singer.

Furthermore, as one of our students you will have the possibility to join CAP and learn in a practice led environment, together with other choir members.

Auditions CAP

Join the Portuguese Academic Choir, develop your musical capacities in an amateur environment of superior level.

In addition, we have places for singers wanting to follow the choral conduction route. Those selected will be able to further develop their learning with the OAP and CAP’s Maestros.

We also offer language courses for CAP’s singers and collaborators upon the following requirements:

– Professional singers have free access to the language courses running at the time at LAC.

– Amateur singers enjoy a 50% cost reduction on all of LAC’s courses.

Request an audition and become part of CAP.